March 26, 2015

Dog Dżok Monument in Cracow (pomnik psa Dżoka w Krakowie)

The monument (created by Bronisław Chromy) is located on Czerwienski Boulevard by Vistula river, between Wawel Royal Castle and Grunwaldzki bridge.

The story of the Dżok is an amazing, and at the same time, very sad one. His beloved owner suddenly died of a heart attack close to Grunwaldzki bridge. Since then, the dog spent around one year waiting for his owner in the area where fatal accident took place . All this time (1990/1991) he was feeded and taken care of by locals. After one year he was adopted by Maria Müller. Unfortunetely in 1998 Maria died and the dog escaped. He was shortly living a life of a vagabong until he died under the wheels of a train.

Dogs are truly amazing creatures.
The monument, even if tells a sad story, is a great symbol of love and devotion.

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