November 16, 2014

"Taco Mexicano" Restaurant in Cracow (Restauracja "Taco Mexicano" w Krakowie)

Address: Poselska street, 20
Type of food: Mexican
Internet site:

"Taco Mexicano" is a very cosy restaurant located on Poselska street (side street from Grodzka street), just around 5 minutes from Main Market Square in Krakow.
The place offers a wide range of tasty snacks, tapas, salads and main dishes in a Mexican style.
Inside you can find interiors inspired by Mexican culture and a music from this country played in the background.
The restaurant organizes also special events, such as for example piñata breaking.

Burrito Chihuahua served at the restaurant:

"Taco Mexicano" car on Poselska street:

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