July 12, 2015

Dunajec River Gorge rafting (spływ Dunajcem)

Dunajec River Gorge rafting is one of the very old and famous attractions in Lesser Poland with more than 80 years of tradition.
The rafting lasts around 2.5 hours and starts from Sromowce Niżne and it end either in Szczawnica (2.15 h option) or in Krościenko (2.45 h option).
It is possible to get there from Kraków either by own car or by buying an organised trip from a travel agency.
Each raft has two persons (called: flisacy) taking care of it and it can take up to 10 persons on the board. The flisacy not only run the raft, but also share many interesting and funny stories wih the tourists.
During the rafting it is possible to admire beautiful landscapes of Dunajec river and Pieniny muntains including their most famous pick "Trzy Korony".

Pictures from the rafting:

April 30, 2015

Błonia Park in Cracow (Krakowskie Błonia)

Błonia Park is a huge meadow, located around 15 minutes by walk from Krakow Main Market Square.
The area of the park is 48 hectares.
Błonia is a popular recreation spot in the city, the place where people relax, meet up with friends and practise such sports as running and roller blading (using special bicycle paths around the meadow).

The place is often used also for organizing festivals and other types of events.
Błonia, even if located  in the city center, gives an opportunity to breath a nice, fresh air with a grass scent and enjoy a big open space. I especially recommend to visit it during one of sunny spring/summer afternoons - for a picnic with friends or alone to read a book or just simply enjoy calming ambience of the park.

Spring afternoon at Błonia:

March 26, 2015

Dog Dżok Monument in Cracow (pomnik psa Dżoka w Krakowie)

The monument (created by Bronisław Chromy) is located on Czerwienski Boulevard by Vistula river, between Wawel Royal Castle and Grunwaldzki bridge.

The story of the Dżok is an amazing, and at the same time, very sad one. His beloved owner suddenly died of a heart attack close to Grunwaldzki bridge. Since then, the dog spent around one year waiting for his owner in the area where fatal accident took place . All this time (1990/1991) he was feeded and taken care of by locals. After one year he was adopted by Maria Müller. Unfortunetely in 1998 Maria died and the dog escaped. He was shortly living a life of a vagabong until he died under the wheels of a train.

Dogs are truly amazing creatures.
The monument, even if tells a sad story, is a great symbol of love and devotion.

February 18, 2015

Cracow sorroundings - Sucha Beskidzka (okolice Krakowa - Sucha Beskidzka)

Sucha Beskidzka is a small, charming town, located 1,5 hour by bus from Krakow (departures from Main Bus Station).
The town is located in Beskid Żywiecki mountain range, on Skawa river.
There are many mountain trails that start in this town and also one additional trail created to have a possibility to see the most interesting things in Sucha Beskidzka. This additional trail is marked with white and blue square signs and covers 10 main attractions of the town, included train station building, Renaissance castle from XVI th century, market square with an ald woodden inn, picturesque viewpoints from the top part of the town and much more.

Pictures from the town's white and blue trail:

November 20, 2014

Cracow surroundings - Brzesko (okolice Krakowa - Brzesko)

Brzesko is a town in southern Poland, located around 1 hour by bus from Cracow.
The buses to this town departure from Cracow main bus station. The ticket price is aprroximately 10 PLN one way.

Main attractions in Brzesko are:
- market square with it's modern fountain and two statues of goats
- 3 military cemeteries dating from World War I and one jewish cemetery from XIXth century
- Okocim Brewery
- Goetz Palace that currently serves as a hotel and a large parc that surrounds it

The town is perfect for one day trip. I especially recommend to visit it during polish "golden" autumn season.

Pictures taken during day trip to Brzesko:

November 16, 2014

"Taco Mexicano" Restaurant in Cracow (Restauracja "Taco Mexicano" w Krakowie)

Address: Poselska street, 20
Type of food: Mexican
Internet site: http://www.tacomexicano.pl/

"Taco Mexicano" is a very cosy restaurant located on Poselska street (side street from Grodzka street), just around 5 minutes from Main Market Square in Krakow.
The place offers a wide range of tasty snacks, tapas, salads and main dishes in a Mexican style.
Inside you can find interiors inspired by Mexican culture and a music from this country played in the background.
The restaurant organizes also special events, such as for example piñata breaking.

Burrito Chihuahua served at the restaurant:

"Taco Mexicano" car on Poselska street:

November 2, 2014

Cracow surroundings - Tatra Mountains (Okolice Krakowa - Tatry)

Tatra Mountains are the highest mountain range in Poland.
The best way to get there from Krakow is to take any bus that goes to the city o Zakopane.
Buses departure every more or less 20 minutes from Regional Bus Station in Krakow (Bosacka street), which is located just behind Main Train Station.
The trip takes between 2,5 and 3 hours depending on traffic jam.
In the center of Zakopane there are plenty of little buses taking travelers to the places where particular mountain trails start.
My two favourites are:
1. Trail to Morskie Oko lake
2. Trail to Kasprowy Wierch pick
There are many other trails to explore and the mountains are definitely worth to visit  many times.

1. views from Kasprowy Wierch pick

2. Views from the trail to Morskie Oko lake:

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