November 20, 2014

Cracow surroundings - Brzesko (okolice Krakowa - Brzesko)

Brzesko is a town in southern Poland, located around 1 hour by bus from Cracow.
The buses to this town departure from Cracow main bus station. The ticket price is aprroximately 10 PLN one way.

Main attractions in Brzesko are:
- market square with it's modern fountain and two statues of goats
- 3 military cemeteries dating from World War I and one jewish cemetery from XIXth century
- Okocim Brewery
- Goetz Palace that currently serves as a hotel and a large parc that surrounds it

The town is perfect for one day trip. I especially recommend to visit it during polish "golden" autumn season.

Pictures taken during day trip to Brzesko:

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