April 30, 2015

Błonia Park in Cracow (Krakowskie Błonia)

Błonia Park is a huge meadow, located around 15 minutes by walk from Krakow Main Market Square.
The area of the park is 48 hectares.
Błonia is a popular recreation spot in the city, the place where people relax, meet up with friends and practise such sports as running and roller blading (using special bicycle paths around the meadow).

The place is often used also for organizing festivals and other types of events.
Błonia, even if located  in the city center, gives an opportunity to breath a nice, fresh air with a grass scent and enjoy a big open space. I especially recommend to visit it during one of sunny spring/summer afternoons - for a picnic with friends or alone to read a book or just simply enjoy calming ambience of the park.

Spring afternoon at Błonia:

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